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Aguascalientes de México ® NEWS PORTAL


Aguascalientes de México ®" is a digital news portal based in Aguascalientes, Mexico. It serves as a news hub that compiles information from reliable regional, national, and international sources. It has its own in-house audiovisual content production company called "MÉXIWOOD" and sources exclusive multimedia and editorial content. They create international quality audiovisual material, which they present to their followers through multimedia content in the form of capsules, podcasts, films, documentaries, interviews, and all kinds of presentations adapted to different social media formats.

In addition, they have talent in content production and hosting. They have recognized figures in the journalistic industry with local influence.

The powerful reach of their network exceeds the incredible number of 50 million monthly viewers. They have a history of over 10 years in the market, generating local identity and informative, touristic, political, social, and entertainment content of interest, bringing their audience verified firsthand information at the moment the events happen.

Their Facebook page is:

Their social media is a fundamental pillar to bring the people of Aguascalientes closer to necessary and precise information, following up on their followers' interactions and doubts instantly. Facebook is one of their strong arms of dissemination due to the significant number of users they have in Aguascalientes. For this reason, they dedicate resources and time to generate better results on their platform, bringing them high interaction and constant growth in followers.

They started their path as leaders in the dissemination of touristic and attractive topics in Aguascalientes, such as the National Fair of San Marcos and the Sunsets of Aguascalientes. They have achieved international trend-setting as a media outlet, managing to place the brand not only virally but also with recognition in international media, such as National Geographic magazine, where photographs and articles about the state's sunsets were published.

Online articles:



In addition, they have a presence on the main social media platforms, handling a special dissemination language for each of them. Follow us on the News Portal and their social media: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and WhatsApp."

We share with you the account of Andrés Vancook, where we share Aguascalientes content on the famous TikTok network -"

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